Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Salam semua! Ok. Straight to the point. Tak nak bebel panjang2. "There's one reason people fail to reach their goals - they never take the first steps!" Betui2x. Setuju sgt. Langkah first tu penting. Tak de first, tak de lah yg second, third n seterusnya, ye dok! Alhamdulillah, first step saya dah berjaya hari ni. *saya la plak hahaha. Hari ni ni saya betul2x ikut diet atkin. So, 13 days more. Go, go, go....

Menu today: 
Pagi : Telur rebus separuh masak
Tengahari : Telur rebus
Petang : Sup ayam , teh hijau
Malam : Telur goreng, sayur sawi goreng

Done, 1st day. ;)


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  1. my nutrition lecturer said we must limit the consumption of egg into 1 or 2 nos a week...because the cholesterol contents in the egg is higher..consume egg everyday will increase the cholesterol in the the way good luck for your diet..