Friday, 6 January 2012

Jangan tanya kenapa aku pilih Parasit @ Parasitologist

With our beloved lecturer, Prof. Emeritus Dr Faizah Shaharom

Assalamualaikum ..... (wajib jawab tau ! hehehe...)
Straight to the point. Currently, i'm doing my Final Year Project (FYP) on parasitology field. Why i choose parasite ? Don't ask me cause i still finding the answer. Let me brief some more so that you are clear about it. 

It is a simple project. Just take fish, dissect, find parasite, preserve it, then draw and lastly identify. Done! Waaah! What the simple one and you get your degree. Yeah! We are finishing our FYP so that we can graduate. Nevermind it is simple or complex as long as you get your scroll. Don't agree with me? Up to you. My dad always remind me, do the simplest one. I just want you got your degree. Very supportive papa! Hehehe....

                                                             My friends and i in lab

Before, i propose more challenging project, but when i think back, this is just degree. The time is so limited. So, better i try to get close with the parasite first, know them better and later i can find treatment for them. Sometimes, we want to create such the best project over the world but the time is not right and our level is not suite enough. So, check back where we are right now, our ability and determination to do, so that everything going well. If we think we are able, don't worry, just proceed. 

One of fish parasites, Argulus in Toman (Pic taken by Nor Hazwani Hamzah)

I still keep asking my self why i choose parasite ? Do I want to be parasitologist or lecturer that teach about parasite? What is the importance of this field ? What is my contribution and is it significant to fishery world ? Among all, how far it can give me myself the satisfaction of completing my own project and produce my own paper ? Until now, i still in my journey to find the answers. 

One of the best microscope here. I don't know how much. Maybe up to hundred thousands ringgit

P/s: If this is the simplest way for me to get my master and phd, why not ? As long as i be Dr Nor Hazwani Hamzah. Lagi bagus Prof. Dr Nor Hazwani Hamzah. Lagi lagi lagi lagi bagus Prof. Emeritus Dr. Nor Hazwani Hamzah. Woww..... Hahahaha... Opssst but i like money and i love to be businesswomen. So how ???


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